VIDEO: Memories of a Rural Mail Carrier

Orlin Brommer shares memories of working as a rural mail carrier in the Nelson, WI, area. Orlin also shares some photography tips he found useful while photographing wildlife and more along his mail route. Orlin’s presentation was given at the Buffalo County Fair, in Mondovi, WI, on August 2, 2014.

Buffalo County Schools

We have begun the project of creating pages for schools in Buffalo County from throughout the years! There are a great many of them (well over 100), and this will continually be a work in progress. In many cases, our information is uncertain or incomplete. As such, we are looking to exchange knowledge and invite…

VIDEO: The History of Buffalo County Barns

Lee Gehrke gives a brief overview of the development of barn styles in Buffalo County, Wisconsin, including the causes of change and more. This talk was given at the Buffalo County Fair on August 1, 2014.