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The following is a list of family histories that have been collected in the Buffalo County Historical Society office. These histories range from short news articles to professionally published books.

“Arion” Beef River Wisconsin Gesangverein (Singing Society); by Melvin E. Gleiter, (1993)

“Memories”; by Edward Servais

Amborg Grov; names: Grov

Ammann, George Family Group Sheet; by Ellis, David B., (February 1995), names: Ammann, Pipper, Ziebell, Hepp

Ancestors of James Roger Alf; by Alf, James Roger, (October, 2000), names: Alf, Hessler, Crooker, Two additional written accounts of Rosannah Hessler’s life and the Crooker family.

Ancestral History of David Alan Engler Born in Winona, Minnesota, The; by David Alan Engler, (1985), names: Engler

Ancestry of With Descent from; names: Robinson, George

Ancient Family, An; by Merlyn (Merf) & Marlene (Molly) Klebig, names: Putz

Andrew Baertsch Writes About the Early Days (newspaper article); by Baertsch, Andrew, (August 1939), names: Baertsch, Mr. Baertsch’s recollections of local history of Fountain City in his time

Arenz Family Tree; by Bina, Bob and Hundt, Marcie, (1994), names: Arenz, Traces family history from1788-1994

Arms family Genealogy; names: Arms, Also included in file is a letter written by Christian Arms translated from German titled, “I Will Never Advise People to Come to America”. (one with commentary from the translator and a second copy of just the translated letter.

August Friedrich Giese Family, The; by Ronald L. Giese, (May 2001), names: Alleman, Brinkman, Jacobi, Jost, Pank, Stroebel, Giese

Babcock, Benjamin F.

Bachhuber, Dr. (newspaper articles); by Benicke, Vi, (1969, 1977,1981), names: Bachhuber, Titles of articles – “Alma Doctor to Head Heart Campaign”,  Alma Physician Recalls Medical Growth Over Four Decades”,  “Dr. M. O. Bachhuber Honored by AAFP”.

Baecker, Phillip and Lynch, Bridget Touey descendants of; (June 1976), names: Baecker, Lynch,  Boland,, Also includes newspaper article on Beacker 50th wedding anniversary

Bauer, Frederick John Ancestors and Descendants; by Griffin, Fern Bauer, (December 1985), names: Bauer, Frederick,  Otis, Jesse A., Gaebele, Jesse A.

Benjamin, Nancy Lou also-Misha Mokwa History; names: Benjamin

Beck, Olive

Besecker   Beisecker  Beesecker Family; by Wilken, Dale, (1994), names: Besecker, Beisecker, Beesecker, Also included in file are copied newspaper clippings of the Biesecker family

Biography of Vincent J. Conrad Colenel, United States Army, Ret.; by Vincent Conrad, (April 1964), names: Conrad

Blanche Schneider “The Town Historian”; names: Schneider

Bohri, Mrs. Frederick Sr.; names: Bohri

Boland, Andrew; names: Boland

Book Tells Exploits of Area Attorney; by Ruth Rogers, (March 1966), names: Cowie, Robert S.

Bork, Angie; by Lucy Choate Eckberg, (Sun., Nov. 15, 1981), names: Bork

Brees Family Gathering; by Dale F. and Clara Ann Brees Phillips, names: Brees

Broadfoot, Alexander and Cecilia Tillotson; names: Broadfoot, Tillotson

Broadfoot, Grover L.; (February 1962), names: Broadfoot

Brovold, Archie; by C.B. Bylander, (1986), names: Brovold

Buehler, Theodore; names: Buehler

Buffalo County Saga, A; by “Smokey Jim” Stokes

Burkhardt Family, The; names: Burkharddt

Burns, Ole and Burns, Bernard (Byron); (1998), names: Burns

Burt-Short-Busch-Runkel-Benston-Foster-Muir-Herbert-Jackson Buffalo and Trempealeau County Pioneers; by Millicent Zindel Hild, (March 1982), names: Burt, Short, Busch, Runkel, Benston, Foster, Muir, Herbert, Jackson

Canar Cousins; by Brother Bede Stadler, C.S.C., (February 9, 2000), names: Canar

Captain Jacob Odell and Mary Millington of Manchester, Vermont, and Descendants; by Rachel Scherf Levine, (2003), names: Odell, Millington

Certificate of Service- Chauncey H. Cook; names: Cooke

Christ, Conrad also (Alleman, Von Wald, Holcombe); by Millicent A. Hild, names: Christ, Alleman, Von Wald, Holcombe

Church, Wm. Hamilton: Biog.; by Margaret Lee Serum, (1967), names: Church

Clark and Naun; by Suzanne Weber, names: Clark, Naun

Comero, Emma; (June 9, 1983), names: Comero

Conrad; by Evelyn Kammueller Haeuser and Ruth A. Kammueller Stettler, names: Conrad

Dahm/Breyer/Nicklay; (1998), names: Dahm, Breyer, Nicklay

Darius Robinson Family From Delaware County New York To Ogle Country Illinois, The; by Shirley Robinson Birling, (April 1999), names: Robinson

DeGroff, John S.

Descendancy Chart; names: Giese-Esbach-Krueger Branch

Descendancy Chart Herrmann; names: Herrmann

Descendants of Andrew M. Skrief; by John N. Skrief, names: Skrief

Descendants of Anton Brenner: The First Four Generations In America, The; by Floyd and Brian Brenner, (1987), names: Brenner

Descendants of Elijah Frizell; by Ann Kaiser Nussbaum, (June 28, 2000), names: Frizzell

Descendants of Henry Anton Ahrendt; by Eggemeyer, Lurita, (June, 1997), names: Ahrendt

Descendants of Johannes Wilhelm Rotering; by Kathleen Barnard, names: Rotering

Descendants of John Paul Kaiser; by Ann Kaiser Nussbaum, names: Kaiser

Descendants of John William Haigh, Sr.; by Kathleen Barnard, names: Haigh

Descendants of Wilhelm Heinrich Liebenberg; by Donald H. Liebenberg, names: Liebenberg

Descendants of Wilhelm Henry Fricke; by Lurita Eggemeyer, (June 15, 1997), names: Fricke

Descendants of Zattu Thomas; by Ann Kaiser Nussbaum, names: Thomas, Zattu

Descendents of Phillip W. Weisenberger; by Erwin Phillip Siegler, names: Weisenberger

Diary of Melchoir Staehli; names: Staehli

Did You Have Ancestors On The Mayflower?; names:

Dierauer; by Cyrena Dierauer, (June 1988), names: Dierauer

Documents A Badger Boy In Blue: The Letters of Chauncey H. Cooke; (1921), names: Cooke

Doelle, Buffalo County Wisconsin The Doelle Farm Home and Post Office; by Phyllis Lettner, names: Doelle

Doenier; names: Doenier

Double Cousins By the Dozens; by Roger M. Goetz, (1982), names: Heck-Heike, Horn, Kuehn, Lauterbach, Linse, Otto, Pfund, Richter, Rick, Schultz, and Steinke primarily of Buffalo and LaCrosse Counties

Duellman, Elmer; names: Duellman

Earney, Gerhard – Names Erny, Erne, Erni, Erney

Easter Bunny Visits our House …..or Does He?, The; by Stettler, Kathleen A., (1998), names: Stettler, 1st place short story enrtry in UW Madison Yarns of Yesteryear contest.  Author is from Fountain City.

Edward Alleman’s  Disappearance Still a Mystery; by Stewart, Don, (February, 1981), names: Alleman, Sing, Regeth

Edward and Louisa Ede; by Velma Ede Gifford, names: Ede

Emil F. Hess Of Nelson Township, Buffalo County; names: Hess

Engel; by Anna Stettler Accola and Ruth Kammueller Stettler, names: Engel

Events of My Life. Born February 14, 1913 To ?; by Hilbert George Michael Kochenderfer, names: Kochenderfer

Excerpts from Trempealeau and Buffalo County Papers in doing Family History and Helping Others; by Millicent A. Hild, (January 1997), names: Faulds,Luetscher,  Buehler, Ristow, Saxer,  Muhleisen………, Genealogy in Buffalo and Trempealeau counties of the authors own families.

Family History of Micahel and Dorothea Thoeny and their descendants 1806-, The; (September 21, 1985), names: Thoeny

Family of Anton and Anna (Remmel) Schank; names: Schank

Family of Frank and Maria Brunner, The; by Mary Ann Pattison, (April 1981), names: Brunner

Family Tree of Frederick Abraham and Christine Dorn; by Marg, Ruth, (1983), names: Abram (Abraham) , Dorn, Marg

Family Tree of the Kublis Line of the Family Taverna; by Professor F. Sprecher, Kublis, names: Kublis

Family Tree William Paulina Kurtzweg; names: Kurtzweg

Farm Wife Heads County Board; by Betty Russell Bertrang, names: Ruth Strand

Fiedler, Allen; names: Fiedler

Flying the Alaska Highway; by Farner, Al, (2001), names: Farmers

Former Alma area man notes 100th birthday; by Michael Smith, (April 6, 1983), names: Joseph Mattausch

Forsberg Story, The; (September 28, 1975), names: Forsberg

Fried, Melvin

Frontiersman in Northwestern Wisconsin, A; by Warren W. Cooke, (1940), names: Cooke

Ganz; names: Ganz

Ganz, Edwin F.; names: Ganz

Ganz, Johann Kasper; names: Ganz

Genealogy of Ludwig Pank Family; by Grace Von Wald Grob, (June 1982), names: Pank

Geneology of the Merrick-Mirick-Myrick Family of Massachusetts; by George Byron Merrick, (1902), names: Merrick, Mirick, Myrick

George H. Hess Of Montana Township, Buffalo County; names: Hess

Gerald Suhr-Elton Suhr; names: Suhr

Gesell, Dr. Arnold L.; names: Gesell

Gesell, Gerhard; names: Gesell

Gessell, Charles A.; names: Gessell

Giese, Ludwig; names: Giese

Gilman Family History; names: Gilman

Gilman, Wynn A Collection of Poems; by Wynn Gilman, names: Gilman

Glad to stay in Waumandee; by Gary Johnson, (January 27, 1985), names: Warren Korte

Gleiter, Mel (Picture); names: Gleiter

Gleiters in America, The; by Melvin E. Gleiter, Marjorie Gleiter Van Alstine, Joseph T. Gleiter, Diane Gleiter Edwards, etc., (August, 1996), names: Gleiter

Grass Family, The; by John E. Anderson, (January 1, 1972), names: Grass

Grob Genealogy; by Grace (Von Wald) Grob, (June 1982), names: Grob

Guenther; by Mrs. Herald Severson and Mrs. Albert Berg, (1973), names: Guenther

Hager City Farm May Lay Claim as Pierce’s Oldest; by Lawin, Tom, (August 17, 1983), names: Adams, Newspaper article

Hakes, Lida; by Mrs. Virginia Everson, (October 30, 1975), names: Hakes

Hannon; names: Hannon

Hans Fried’s Descendants; by Viola Fried Michael, (October 15, 1982), names: Fried

Haag, Balzar

Herold, Henry; names: Harold

Hartman, Roger Shooting and Trial; names: Hartman

He enjoyed visits to grandparents’ historic home; by Edwin Schaffner, (Wed., Feb. 21, 2001), names: Schaffner

Heerman, Timothy; names: Heerman

Henry and Lena Giesecker Moy Family, The; by Richard Henry Moy and Caryl Cowsley Moy, (1996), names: Henry and Lena Giesecker

Herman Rusch: A Buffalo County Artist; (Summer 1982), names: Rusch

Herold History Jacob Herold’s Descendants; by Kay Michaels Barnard, Elaine Schmidt Zeller, and Jane Herold Noll, (July 1995), names: Herold

Hilgert Buffalo County WI Family Papers; by Judy Schlawin, (November 1999), names: Hilgert

Hill With The Rock On Top, The; by verna Mace Zander, (March 11, 1996), names: John and Ada Mace

Hillgart, Ellie (Picture); names: Hillgart

Hillig-Reuter; names: Hillig-Reuter

His – Hers- Ours  The Families of Herman Bade, Marie Hilgert, Frederick Arndt, Bertha Boettcher, Her; by Keller, Emmett and Anne, (June 1991), names: Bade, Hilgert,Arndt, Boettcher

Historical Articles on Pioneer Life in Buffalo County; by E.F. Ganz, names: Ganz

Historical Letter; by L.F. Knowles, names: Finkelnburg

History & Directory of the Christian Theony, Sr. Family; by Clifford Accola, (October 1972), names: Thoeny

History and Directory of the Paul Accola Sr. Family; by Accola, Clifford, (October 1972), names: Accola, There are five copies of this item.

History of the Nelson Family Nicholas Nelson & Mary Hansemann; John & Carrie Nelson; by John F. Nelson, names: Nelson

Hitt, Wally; by Jeff Rivers, (Mon., April 19, 1982), names: Hitt

Hogan; names: Hogan

Hohaus, Theodore; names: Hohaus

Homesteaders Author shares incredible pioneering tale; by Cindy Gibson, (Thurs., July 25, 1991), names: Kirkpatrick

Horstman, Adolf

Hoyt (Includes, Colby, Adams, Hamilton, and Peeso); names: Hoyt, Colby, Adams, Hamilton, Peeso

Hunter’s; names: Hunter

Hurlburt Family; by Hurlburt, John Sr., names: Hurlburt

Hurlburt Family New York to Buffalo County Wisconsin; by Nancy Benjamin Komro Carothers, (2002), names: An Account of the Lives and Geneologies of Horace and Hannah Miller Hurlburt

I Remember This; by Gena, names: Hansenmann, Short two page story of authors memories of growing up in the Modena area.

In Pursuit of the Knuts A Bjorgo-Jordet Family History; by Eileen Pfund Amundson, (1978), names: Bjorgo-Jordet

International Motor Trucks; by George Engel

Ira Samuel STOREY; by C.J. Storey, names: Storey

Jahn; by Tomas K. Jahn, names: Jahn

Jim Everson: Portrait of a Wisconsin game warden; by C.B. Bylander, (Sun., Sept. 27, 1981), names: Everson

Johannes STEINER Family in Wisconsin (1846-1996); by Mary Anne Falk, (August 1996), names: Steiner

John and Elsie Loesel “Our Family”; by John and Elsie Loesel, (May 14, 2000), names: Loesel

John and Theresa Michaels Farms; names: John and Theresa Michaels

John Hartman Honored June 6; (1979), names: Hartman

John Molland Family, The; names: John Molland Family

John Wood, a study in futility; names: Wood

Kammueller; by Evelyn Kammueller Haeuser and Ruth A. Kammueller Stettler, names: Kammueller

Keese, Theone (tribute); by Millie Benjamin, names: Keese

Keller, Henry, and Elizabeth (Bringolf); by Myron Ziegler, names: Keller, Henry, and Elizabeth

Kennebeck Family Tree and History of Immigration; names: Kennebeck

Kindschy; names: Kindschy

Knud and Astri Brenn: Ancestors Descendants and Siblings; by Sharon Ernst, (1992), names: Brenn

Kochenderfer House “Oldest Building in County Nominee”; names: Kochenderfer

Koeing, PVT. Edward J.; names: Koeing

Korb Family (George, William, and Irvin); names: Korb

Krause (Gottlob); names: Krause

Larson Legacy- Andrew Larson, Jens and Gunhild Larson, The; by Lee Grippen, (June 18, 1978), names: Larson

Lawrence Kessinger Buffalo County’s Historian His Work and Character Briefly Reviewed; by E.F. Ganz, names: Kessinger

Lawrence M. Goss Family History; names: Goss

Leonard and Katherine Hardt Blank Descendants; by Alethea Blank Keller, (2002), names: Blank

Leonhardt, Michael – names Lenhart, Lenhardt

Linse-Schlegel/Schlagel from Germany With Love To…Ontario, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Washington; by Bette Schlagel Rogers and Jan L. Reogers Jorgenson, (June 1984), names: Linse-Schlegel/Schlagel

Loesel, LeAnne; by LeAnne Loesel, names: Loesel

Long History on Canada Ridge, A (newspaper article); by Eagle Review (Nelson Newspaper), (April 1978), names: Balzer, Ferd and Otto, 90+ year old Balzer brothers recall growing up and farming on Fountain City’s Canada Ridge

Louis Schuth: A man and his music; by C.J. Miller, names: Schuth

Margaret Thoeny Meng Family; names: Thoeny Meng

Marvin Pierce; names: Pierce

Mathis Family Christian & Barbara; by Myron Ziegler, names: Christian and Barbara Mathis

McCabe; by Lilah Thesing, (May 7, 1997), names: James and Joann Ziegeweid

McWeeny/ Roehm; by Joann Ziegeweid, names: James and Joann Ziegeweid

Memories from Valders Norway; by Adolph Daniel Brommer, (May 25, 1926), names: Brommer

Michael O’Laughlin; by Jean Whalen, names: O’Laughlin

Milan, Martin & Bridget (nee Hogan); by Ron and Lynn Roden, names: Milan, Martin, and Bridget (nee Hogan)

Mimetz/ Hansel; by Joann Ziegeweid

Minnie Potts (Stoll); names: Potts (Stoll)

Mirror of America The Gumbert Lineage; by Nancy Gumbert, names: Gumbert

Moelenpah (photos); by Donn and Joy Moelenpah, names: Moelenpah

Monroe, Juneau and Joackson Counties Wisconsin Surname Query Index; by Carolyn Habelman, (1980), names: Monroe

Muck, Jeremiah M.; names: Muck, Jeremiah M.

Mueller; by Grace Von Wald Grob, (April 1981), names: Mueller

Mueller, John Frederich Wilhelm; names: Mueller

Myren History; names: Myren

Naples Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation; by Donald D. Desmond, (December 5, 2002), names: Donald D. Desmond

Nelson, Wayne Arnold; names: Nelson, Wayne Arnold

Noble Women, Restless Men The Rippley Family in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Minnesota and Montana; by LaVerne J. Rippley, (1996), names: Rippley (Rieple, Ripley, Ripli, Rippli)

Noll Family, The; names: Peter Noll

Obtaining Land in New Mexico, 1900; by Conrad, John (Letter), names: Conrad

Old Timer preserved Mondovi’s history through popular column, The; by Cindy Gibson, names: Dr. Roy Lee

Olson, Martha; (Thurs., June 18, 1936), names: Olson

Oral History Interview with Lois Linse Gleiter; by Dale E. Treleven, (1974), names: Gleiter

Oral History Interview with Rangnar and Margaret Segerstrom; by Dale E. Treleven, (September 29, 30, 1976), names: Segerstrom

Otto Albert Witte Congratulations on your 100th Birthday; names: Witte

Otto Rabbas, 82-Year Old Pioneer Printer Reminisces; (April 25, 1940), names: Rabbas

Our Huber Heritage The Genealogy and History of the KASPER HUBER Family; by Marjorie Day Huber, (May 1987), names: Huber

Owen, Lewis; names: Owen

Pape Valley Farm, The; by Ann Pape, (May 19, 1999), names: Pape

Passow Genealogy; by Merlin Passow, names: Passow

Pattison; names: Pattison, Worrell

Paul Accola Sr. Family Changes from May-October 1979; by Accola, Clifford, (1979), names: Accola, Additional notes to original edition

Peter Benjamin and Gabriel Johnson Families from Buffalo County, Wisconsin, The; by Komro, Nancy Benjamin, (1984), names: Benjamin, Johnson

Phillips Family Gathering; names: Phillips

Phonological Survey on Vowel Sounds of Waumandee English, A; by David N. Ehrat, (November 2000)

Pioneer Life in Norwegian Valley; by Jan Quarberg, (1956-57), names: Ole and Anna Hanson Lerum

Plath, Johann H.

Pronschinske, Albert; names: Pronschinske

Recollections of the Early Settlement of the Township of Utica, Winona CO., Minn; by Dr. J.W. Bentley, names: Bentley

Reed remembered for love of swamp; by The Associated Press and Leader-Telegram staff, (November 2002), names: Reed, Jay

Reflections; (December, 1981), names: Oscar Austin, Oscar Austin of Harmony  talks about  receiving rattlesnake skins and gingseng from some Alma hunters.

Reith, Robert and Christina; names: Reith

Reminiscences of Mr. Samuel Bond, The; (1924), names: Bond

Research Name/Names: Benston/Faulds; names: Benston, Faulds

Research Name/Names: Koenig; names: Koenig

Respected Honest Abe The Schank Family History, The; by Prosper Schank, (April 13, 1976), names: Schank

Retiree makes jewelry hobby and business; by Steve Schild, (June 11, 1981), names: Leonard Lettner

Rieck; names: Rieck

Ristow, John

Rockwell, Houser; names: Rockwell

Roellich, Gustav Ferdinand; names: Roellich

Roellich, Wenzel; names: Roellich

Roettiger, Henry; names: Roettiger

Roscoe Wald; by Roscoe Wald, (January 18, 1989), names: Wald

Roselle M. Urness Buffalo County Clerk of Court; by Lawrence Joos, names: Joos

Rossow Family; names: Rossow

Rowe, Henry B.; names: Rowe

Samuel Iberg and Family; names: Iberg and Kraft

Sanfilippo, Steven; by Geri Parlin, names: Sanfilippo

Schaffner, Henry; names: Schaffner

Schaffner, Samuel; names: Schaffner

Scharlau; names: Scharlau

Schlosstein, Gary; names: Schlosstein

Search for wild honey tree is eventful; by Adolph Maassen, (Wed., Oct. 6, 1982), names: Adolph and Verna Maassen

Seders An American Family and its German Roots, The; by Arthur R. Seder, Jr., (2000), names: Seder

Semple new Daily News publisher; (Tues., July 29, 1980), names: Semple

Sendelbach and Zinsli Families, The; by Tony Sendelbach, (March 9, 1992), names: Sendelbach, Zinsli

Senty; names: Senty

Services For Louis Schuth, Former Editor; (July 15, 1982), names: Schuth

Shaffer; names: Shaffer

She helps cast out bewilderment; by Karen Owen, (February 22, 1981), names: Donna Krebsbach

Sister LaVonne Abts Observes 50 Years; by C-FC Recorder, (July 13, 1989), names: Sister LaVonne Abts, Newspaper article noting the 50th anniversary of Sister LaVonne as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration.

Snoyenbos, Cassius/ Dopkins, Mona Louise; names: Snoyenbos, Dopkins

Some Incidents In The Life Of Emma Weeks; by Hazel Amidon, names: Weeks

Southworth, Ryland and Lelia; names: Southworth

St. Jacques Family Of Wabasha County, The; names:

Steiner, David; names: Steiner

Stettler; by Anna Stettler Accola and Ruth Kammueller Stettler, names: Stettler

Stettler, John; names: Stettler

Stohr, Mat; names: Stohr

Story of Andrew Lindstrom, The; by Deric Lindstrom, names: Lindstrom

Stuber, Ursus Joseph; names: Stuber

Street, Thomas

Suhr, Albert; names: Suhr

Suhr, Carl; names: Suhr

Suhr, Frederick; names: Suhr

Swiss Connection, The; by Dona Baab Thorpe, (1993)

Swiss Family Ebersold (Abersold or Aebersold), The; by Dale E. Ebersold, (July 1, 1998), names: Ebersold

This Is Your Life Bennie Rudy; by Bennie Rudy, (1978), names: Rudy

Tiffany; names: Tiffany

To celebrate 90th birthday; (April 9, 1981), names: Sweeney, Bryan

Town of Waumandee, Buffalo County, Wisconsin; names: Ochsner, John

Travels Around My Father and Beyond; by Ann Whelan Arnold, (1974), names: Whelan, John W

Tribute To My Aunt Louise, A; by John E. Harry, (January 18, 1987), names: Radke, Louise

Turton Family Tree; by Lee R. Wieland, names: Turton

Two Sisters Live the Pastoral Life; names: Risch, Anna and Ursula

Ulrich, Conrad

Unusual Ancestor Ole Myren: A very talented Craftsman; by Orlando Tweet and Delbert Myren, (May 2001), names: Myren

Unzelmann/ Bartels; names: Unzelmann/ Bartels

Urness, John and mary; names: Urness

Vernier (or Warnier); names: Vernier (or Warnier)

Veteran’s Children Discover Military Treasures; by Joan Sanstadt, (November 7, 2002), names: Orlow Notstad

Von Wald; by Grace Von Wald Grob, (1979), names: Von Wald

Ward Oracle, The; by Candace Jones and Karen Tarrant, (July 19, 1997), names: Ward

Waumandee, Wisconsin 1860-1960: An Affectionate Portrait; by LaVern J. Rippley, (July 25, 2003)

Wayne Owen Series, The; by Wayne Owen, (October 1997), names: Owen, Kezar, Metcalf, Harmon, Lieffring, Carlisle, and Bien, This is a seven book series

When I Was Born I Had Six Grandmas A Family History; by Frances C. Heike, (1975), names: Heike

When You’re 101, Time’s Your Own; by Knudtson,  Kathy, (April 1981), names: Alleman, Elsbeth

Wisconsin Magazine of History, The; (September 1940), names: Oschner, Henry

Wisconsin Then and Now; by Gesell, Dr. Robert, (September 1979), names: Gesell

Wisconsin Then and Now; by Gesell, Mrs. Christine, (October 1979), names: Gesell

Wright; names: Wright

Yarrington Family History; names: Yarrington

Ziegeweid Family History; (August 1985), names: Ziegweid

Ziegler Family; by Jacob Ziegler, names: Ziegler