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The Buffalo County Historical Society Board of Directors is made up of each Buffalo County local historical society’s president (or their designee), a representative from the Buffalo County Board of Supervisors, the County Historian and up to five at-large board members. For the 2010-11 year, the board consists of the following:

Mr. Gary Schlosstein, County Historian and President
Mrs. Dorothy Peterson, Alma Historical Society Representative and Vice-President
Mrs. Sandra Ebert, Director at Large and Secretary/Treasurer
Mr. Robert Accola, Mondovi Area Historical Society Representative
Mr. Ron Helwig, County Board of Supervisors Representative
Mr. Bob Hermann, Director at Large
Mrs. Jeanne Hofer, Buffalo City-Cochrane Area Historical Society Representative
Mr. Chris Knecht, Director at Large
Mrs. Janice Schoen, Director at Large
Mrs. Sandra Wunderlich, Fountain City Area Historical Society Representative