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Trout Creek School Days Book Available from the BCHS!

Memories of One of the Last Rural Schools

Trout Creek Schools Book Cover

MEMORIES: This book is a trip down memory lane! It includes stories from 30 former students recalling their long-lost rural school education. There were no buses, no snow days or computers, yet pupils thrived. The collection contains more than 100 photos of school, farm and family dating back more than 100 years. Everyone wanted their children and grandchildren to understand and enjoy this almost forgotten experience.

HISTORY: Our one-room school, built circa 1869, was one of 84 Buffalo County rural schools. The list of Trout Creek teachers and school boards beginning in 1908 was found at the Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison. Trout Creek’s last teacher, Mrs. Ruff, was interviewed. The families and school age children census was stored at the Buffalo County Register of Deeds. Detail by detail, the school history came together.

FAMILY: Trout Creek School Days is filled with memories of teachers, classwork, recess, the Christmas program and so much more. Our stories share a collective pride in those simple school beginnings. Trout Creek School was the center of our farm community. We looked out for one another and could hardly wait to return to school in the fall to be with our friends - our family.

Collected by Corabelle Schlesser and Bonnie Harper-Lore

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